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Page 121: Monument for Kayolonia

Deep in the tropical parts of the Nubian desert, somewhere between the Nile and the Red Sea, far away from human civilization, a flat-topped hill was chosen as location for the Monument for Kayolonia.
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The only existing copy of a book, containing all the articles published about Kayolonia, an imaginary empire, was carried on top of this hill by Hans Barnard in the spring of 1992.
On the summit the book, containing over 35 articles on 75 pages, was placed in a natural niche and supported by rocks, thus constructing a bookcase for this unique work.
Next, with rocks from the vicinity, a small library was built. This could be the least accessible library there is, and it contains what may well be the rarest book in the world.
From now on one of the hills of Nubia will be known as Gebel Maktaba (Mount of the Library) to remind us of the Monument for Kayolonia, that will survive in that name as well as on this web-page.

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